What are Copper Peptides?

What are Copper Peptides?
The arena of anti-aging skincare can feel overwhelming. By breaking down the performance ingredients that will help you fight the visible effects of aging, it is easy to make wise choices about the products to include in your skincare routine.  Most people have heard that copper peptides are valuable for your skin but what exactly is their super power? 
More than one copper peptide complex occurs naturally and is even found in the human body.  In our plasma, the level of GHK-Cu or copper peptide is in the ballpark of 200 ng/ml when a person is 20 years old.  If we test again at the age of 60, the level dips to about 80 ng/ml.  GHK-Cu handles lots of valuable functions like the attraction of immune cells, promotes wound healing, stimulation of collagen in skin fibroblasts, and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects as well as promotion of the growth of blood vessels.  Recent studies have even had it linked to the capacity to modulate expression of human genes, helping to turn back time of gene expression back to a healthier state.  It is no wonder that synthetic GHK-Cu is a popular element used in skincare to help skin look its best! 


Copper peptides do their magic below the epidermis, or outermost layer of skin, having the power to help your skin generate elastin and collagen down deep. Collagen and elastin are two types of connective tissue that give your skin a firm, smooth façade.  As we age, our own natural collagen and elastin production slows down.  Our actions can help expedite the loss of these natural wonders by choosing lifestyle habits like smoking or lots of exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.  Copper peptides are a potent ally in helping address concerns like enlarged pores, fine lines and age spots.  As collagen has the effect of making your skin look “plumped up,” you’ll notice a decrease in the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is thought that copper peptides could remove damaged connective tissue from your skin as it adds new ones.  This is extremely beneficial for anyone looking for help with uneven skin tone or acne scars. 


The antioxidant value of copper peptides is strong. They are gentle enough to be used twice a day for anyone looking to turn back the appearance of aging as well as dealing with hyperpigmentation. GHK-Cu may be able to decrease the risk of infections and reduce inflammation, as it is an antioxidant. For copper peptides, there isn’t enhanced performance when used simultaneously with another ingredient but you will often see GHK-Cu paired with a moisturizer that effectively contains a barrier-protector.

Vitamin Rich Repair from Dp Dermaceuticals is a corrector that replenishes and repairs stressed and vulnerable skin. With patented power copper peptides that are clinically proven to revitalize cells to stimulate refreshed and renewed collagen production, you’ll love your plumped skin with greater firmness and volume. Promoting intensive rebuilding and repair, Vitamin Rich Repair will help visibly firm and lift atrophied contours for a difference that you will not need a microscope to notice.

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