Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin!

Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin!

Good skin begins from within and there are key vitamins and minerals that can make a huge difference in skin’s overall health and appearance. They can all be found in certain foods but can also be taken as supplements in capsule or oil form.

These vitamins and minerals are scientifically proven to enhance complexion from the inside out.

• Vitamin C – promotes collagen production, antioxidant (fight off aging free radicals), not naturally created by the body so it’s extra-important to get the recommended dosage
• Vitamin E – eliminates free radicals from air pollution, aids in UV protection
• Vitamin A – heals damaged skin (great after a minimally-invasive procedure!)
• Vitamin B - known as the “wrinkle fighter,” detoxes skin
• Vitamin B6 – reduces oil in the skin and helps to smooth skin texture
• Linoleic Acid – reduces skin thinning and therefore, signs of aging
• Omega-3/Fish Oil – keep cell membranes strong, reduce cellular inflammation
• Zinc – regulates skin oil glands, antioxidant
• Beta-Carotene – anti-inflammatory
• Probiotics – “Healthy bacteria” that fights harmful bacteria, reduces follicle clogging due to inflammation and toxins, and helps eliminate rosacea

If you prefer to get your vitamins and minerals from food, these options promote clear skin and might be sitting in your pantry!

• Red peppers, brussels sprouts, berries, citrus fruits, avocados – Vitamin C
• Sweet potatoes & carrots – Beta-Carotene & Vitamin A
• Leafy greens – Vitamin A
• Sunflower seeds & almonds – Vitamin E
• Mango, whole grains, poultry – B6
• Edamame – Linoleic Acid (antioxidant)
• Salmon – Omega-3/Fish Oil
• Oysters, chickpeas, red meat – Zinc
• Dark chocolate – Flavonols (antioxidant) and firms the skin
• Greek yogurt – Vitamin B

On the reverse side, there is little connection between bad food and bad skin. Greasy food will not make you breakout, however there are a few food groups to avoid perhaps before a big event to not aggravate the skin.

Sugar – causes your insulin levels to spike leading to inflammation throughout the entire body and produces enzymes that breakdown collagen and elastin which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin

Iodine – most commonly found in table and iodized salt. Your body needs minerals to function, but if you consume too high a quantity, the excess is excreted from the body via sweat glands and can form acne quite quickly

Skim milk – made with whey protein which leads to inflammation as well as added sugars

There are also a few supplements that are a bit rarer and more commonly found in products that can aid in clear skin. Kojic acid and licorice root are antifungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory which makes the complexion clearer, brighter and more even.

Brite Lite Serum, Antioxidant Cocktail, Vitamin Rich Repair, and our NEW CLR Lotion are packed with vitamins and antioxidants proven to help acne and reverse signs of aging.

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