HylaFuse™ Complex

Replenishing Your Skin's Natural Hydration

Our patented HylaFuse™ Complex, enhances the delivery of biologically active Hyaluronic Acid and key performance active ingredients. Naturally present in all three skin layers, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) takes the form of gel-like molecules that work together as a powerful moisture magnet. Its superior water retention properties help the skin feel and appear hydrated, radiant and healthy.

As we age, the body’s natural supply of HA begins to deteriorate, resulting in dryness, loss of firmness, and fine lines. While many facial creams claim to boost natural supply of Hyaluronic Acid, the reality is that molecules in the majority of these products are too big to penetrate the skin effectively.

What makes HylaFuse Different? Our HylaFuse™ Complex has been bioengineered to enable it to break through skin barriers to ‘plump’ up the skin from within. It is comprised of three differently sized hyaluronan molecules that work together to improve the skin in the following ways:


  • • Delivers a saturating effect to the deepest layers of the skin. An intensive and unadulterated feeling of hydration is created
  • • Is easily absorbed by the skin to achieve the highest degree of complexion correction and recovery
  • • Transports additional biologically active ingredients such as Vitamin C, copper peptides, zinc, and B5


  • • Ensures longer lasting moisture retention throughout the skin’s upper layers


  • • Is specifically engineered to re-fortify the skin’s outer layer
  • • Reinforces barrier function and the skin’s natural moisture factor
  • • Acts like a protective second skin

Almost every Dp Dermaceuticals product contains the unique HylaFuse Complex! Three molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid allow delivery of performance bio-compatible active ingredients to the desired placement within the skin's layers.

For example:

Hyla Active Serum - Bio-compatible Active ingredients of B5, Zinc and pure HA are encapsulated within the smallest HYLAFUSE particles, which delivers them deeper into the skin to create enhanced healing and rejuvenation results.

Brite Lite Serum - the smallest HYLAFUSE molecules encapsulate stabilized kojic acid, vitamin C, and licorice root designed to inhibit melanin production from within the skin, rather than bleaching the skin surface like some lightening products using retinol.


Yes, it is true with traditional pharmacology, the 500 Dalton rule states that any molecule which is larger cannot break through the acid mantle / barrier function. However, Matrix Biology Institute recently developed a 10KDa HA molecule that shatters that previous notion. An independent study from Monash University in Melbourne successfully proved that HA at a manipulated 10KDa possesses an unexpected and unique capability. At 10,000KDa, the HA molecule penetrates the barrier function and absorbs to the reticular dermis in a 20-minute time period when applied to intact skin on a human forearm. The HA molecules found in HylaFuse™ operate in the same fashion.

See diagram below:


*Brown et al, J. Invest Dermatol 113:740-746, Haematoxylin Counterstain Clinical, “Absorption Of Hyaluronan Applied To The Surface Of Intact Skin”, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia 1999.
Anyone can put HA into their product, but that doesn’t mean that there is enough of it, that it is at the right molecular weight, or that it will have any significant effect. Stating a percentage of HA does not state a quantitative amount, as the percentage can be claimed at different stages of the manufacturing process. For example, some companies quote they have 100% HA. They may be using 100% pure HA, but by the time the end product is ready, it may only comprise 0.05% of the total product formula.

The reason we changed the way we categorized HA in our products (using “mg” versus “%”) is because “milligrams” quantified the amount of HA in a more scientific way. 10mg is important as it is essentially a large amount of HA. The linked article highlights the milligram content of some best-known filler brands: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2682392

The HA content in some of these major brands goes from 4.5, 6.5, 9, 11mg and up to 20mg. At 10mg, Dp Dermaceuticals have more HA than most major filler products. HylaFuse does not contain cross-linked HA, because that would not be appropriate for all over skin infusion through skin needling. It does however contain medical grade, therapeutic strength HA in all products.
Out of all Dp Dermaceuticals products, our new MG-HA35+ formula uses the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid. At 35mg of HA per mL, it is one of the strongest if not the strongest HA product on the market. The MG Collection is available exclusively to certified practitioners and. is only meant to be used in a clinical setting, according to treatment protocols. Providers, please log in or contact us for more information.

Treatment Providers, please log in, or contact us for more information.

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